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My mom Paulette and my girlfriend Pam
June 2013

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In February 2012, my mom was diagnosed with Scleroderma. This disease is slowly disabling my mom and my girlfriend and I would like to do whatever we can to help her make it through this terrible situation.

Scleroderma is attacking my mom's skin causing it to tighten and itch beyond belief and it is also attacking her lungs where they are now only able to produce around 40% of the oxygen required.

Lungs that are producing insufficient oxygen can lead to serious, irregular heartbeats, and sometimes heart failure or sudden death.

She is currently undergoing tests to determine if she can be put on a waiting list for a double lung transplant and is also following a treatment involving chemo and other medications which are supposed to slow down her immune system which in turn should slow down the progression of the disease.

She has been following this treatment for a few months now and unfortunately it doesn't seem to be slowing anything down. Pam and I decided to create this website to try and raise enough money for her to undergo a stem-cell transplant in the USA.

Stem-cell transplants have been successful in halting the disease in its tracks and even going so far as to repair some of the damage that was caused by scleroderma!

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My name is Daniel Errett & my girlfriend's name is Paméla Labrie, you can reach us at 613-327-6212 or donate@help-my-mom.com.
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